New Studio Lighting Bags / Cases

We have two new wheely good studio lighting bags, sorry about that but they do have wheels and were calling them wheely’s they have a pull out handle so that you can drag them around easily.

If you have a lot of gear then you should consider one of these studio cases. The smaller of the two has internal measurements of 73 x 23 x 28 cm and is big enough to store our lightstand 1.9m without sticking out which of course is an option for larger stands. It will take a 3 head redhead kit (back in stock 1st July) or a twin head super softbox continuous lighting kit.

The larger bag internal measurement is 94 x 32 x 25 cm this will take our professional lightstand 2.4m and a whole lot of kit including multi head studio flash lighting kit.

We now have 5 studio bags/cases and 2 lighting stand bags with enough variety to house all your gear.

Studio Bag Category

Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case

Very Large Studio Lighting Wheely Bag – Case