Multi Purpose Boom Arm

The Multi Purpose Boom Arm has been out of stock for too long and we apologise for that but now it is back in STOCK!!

This is a very portable boom arm not only that it can be a 4 metre lightstand I can’t believe anyone needs one as big as that though. It has a softbag for the counter balance which means you dont have to cart around heavy counterbalance weights, just pop in a couple of bottled water containers filled with water, when the shoot is over just empty the water out and you have saved all that weight.

Take a look at the review video by Gavin Hoey he does not like the counterbalance bag but we do. Multi Purpose Boom Arm Video

Also back in stock is the Heavy duty Lightstand 2.8m

We also have 2 other Studio Boom arms if you want something with a fixed counterweight and also one lightweight boom arm.