Lightroom 3

Normally I blog about our products and special offers but today I am blogging about Adobe Lightroom 3, I recently bought this program and its been a revelation, its a complete workflow solution for digital photographers. It can’t do as much as Photoshop in terms of image manipulation but if you are into processing RAW files then this will help streamline your workflow because not only will it process RAW files it does so much more.

Processing RAW files is in the develop module and uses Adobe Camera Raw there are some great things you can do with camera raw these days and although I still use Photoshop I use it a lot less. There are some great videos showing you how, heres one that Gavin Hoey made

Thats not all as there are more modules incorporated into the software, fundamentally it produces a catalogue where you can organise your files rate them add keywords and everything that a cataloging program should do and it does it rather well.

It also has a slideshow module that lets you very quickly produce a slideshow with sound track in a matter of minutes. It outputs to either a PDF or movie file up to HD quality, the next module is the print module which incorporates picture package where you can print combinations of images at any size its so very versatile you will wonder how you did without it. Just one more module to go the web module you can produce photo galleries with ease and it has an abundance of templates to use but also allows  custom templates.

You get a lot for your money but you could also get it for free, over at Tipsquirrel they have a competition running where you can win a copy, all you have to do is download the free 30 day trial and submit an image and who knows you may be lucky.