Lightbank Softbox

Gavin Hoey has produced a great video showing the Lightbank Softbox and how to use it to give a balanced shot mixing it with daylight.

Our Lightbank Softbox is a continuous lighting kit that incorporates a softbox, using 7 x 50w energy efficient 5400k daylight bulbs and a 100cm diameter softbox. The compact daylight fluorescent bulbs have a E27 edison scew fit and can last many thousand of hours they have the advantage of giving out less heat than a tungsten bulb giving the equivalent amount of light, they also have a combined equivalent of 1400w of an incandescent bulb.

They are an all round photography lighting solution as they can be used for full length and small groups still digital photography and also for complete scenes video lighting. They are versatile and units give you perfect control by being switched on the back to allow any number of bulbs to be switched on or off. The front diffuser is attached with velcro so can be used without the outer diffuser for a slightly harsher light.