Let There Be Light

super531Photography is all about the light whether we are outside or in the studio, it may be the sun a speedlight or a studio strobe. We sell an array of light modifiers from reflectors if you are out side just to reflect some light into shadows or or a softbox fitted to a speedlight or a strobe. The softboxes we sell for studio lights come in general with removable grids, inner diffusers, Bowens s-type fit and Elinchrom fit. We also have 2 different softboxes for a speedlights for either out doors or inside a good addition to anyones bag. We have a lot of adapters to help you get the best out of your kit such as the Elinchrom to Bowens adapter that allows you to add this to your Elinchrom head and use Bowens s – type fit accessories to your flash head. Some overlooked adapter’s are the multi clamp which is used to attach flags to, we have a video to show how it is used or the background clips that hold a muslin background taught without damaging the backdrop.

We also have lots of continuous lighting for stills and for video, for stills continuous is ideal for small babies or animals that don’t like the flashing, as with all continuous lighting you have to compromise on the exposure having a higher ISO than you would with flash. Our kits come only with compact fluorescent balanced daylight bulb which give the best overall spectral appearance, other choices are traditional tungsten which get very hot or LED lights. LED’s are great they are low heat output and are portable and can run from batteries if needed but there are so many bad LED units out there that the only ones to buy are from the leading brands. LED lights still do not give the spectrum that compact fluorescent does but they are great if you need to be portable the only trouble is that the cost of LED units are high, one unit is about ¬£200.00 more than our most expensive 3 headed kit.

Supersoftbox kits are really good for video and the more powerful units the better as you can use lower ISO settings with higher apetures and get better footage, our units do have 2 switches on the back to lower the power but for video you need all the light you can get. These lights can be used with daylight  and if you go over to our Youtube channel then we have a playlist foe Video Lighting.

We have many video’s over on our Youtube channel Smickphoto for most of our kit so go and have a look you can click the little Youtube logo over on the right to go straight there.

Why you should use a custom white balance for you video lighting, its quite important to set a custom white balance for your video so you can get consistent results if you use auto white balance this can change during a recording. A custom white balance can be set in all DSLR cameras and you should refer to your manual.

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