Large Heavy Duty Boom Lighting Stand

This large heavy duty boom lighting stand is big and sturdy comes with lockable wheels for easy positioning, it has a 6kg counterbalance weight and takes a hefty 9kg payload.

With large diameter aluminium tubing used throughout this unit will last a lifetime it uses a standard lighting spigot to hold all modern studio flash heads. You can move the boom through 180 degrees and the spigot on the front is controlled from the rear through 90 degrees. This means the studio flash head can be positioned precisely using the steering wheel type control at the back. You will also be glad to know the spigot is removable and has 2 positions.

This model compliments our heavy duty boom light stand which is also value for money. Due to its 2 metre length when packed we can only supply this in the UK.

Large heavy duty boom lighting stand

Heavy duty boom lighting stand

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