Focus on Imaging why we were not there

20130306-195923.jpgWe had a day up at Focus on Imaging in Birmingham and didn’t realise how much photographic equipment there was. A lot of people took their cameras to take shots of models provided and you could try all the latest cameras.

There were lots of Brand owners, Distributors and Retailers, the stand space does not come cheap, once you take the 4 days of the show, a day to put up and take down it is difficult to make it pay for itself. Of course it gets your name known widely but we do it a different way.

Early on we decided to cut out all those people who have mark ups, the Brand owners and the distributors. We own our own Brand Micansu, we choose the items and we distribute them so there is no extra steps which costs money. We choose on the basis of quality first, get the best we can and then look at the price so we try and make sure that items are as good but hopefully better than you can get elsewhere.

We started back in 2005 So how do we get orders? Well we rely on customers who have a good experience and come back to buy more. They in turn will recommend others and with Google gives us a great following.

So don’t expect to see us at a show and you’ll be lucky to see an advert.