Five Essentials for a Home Studio

Five Essentials for a Home Studio

When you start out you are advised on what to get and it all gets a bit confusing, once you’ve been set up for a while you realise that you really didn’t need all of the things you’ve got. So here is our list of five studio essentials:


  • 1) Cotton Muslin backgrounds

white muslin backdrop

Getting this right is the difference between a good background and a great background. There are different types of background and most people either use paper, cotton or vinyl. The advantages of a cotton muslin is that you can pack it away small when not in use which is a great advantage if you have a small studio space. Any creases in the cotton can be sprayed with water or steamed out and it’s so versatile. There are many ways to light the background too to get a brilliant white finish. Another great buy is a green screen to use in video production etc.




  • 2) Reflectors


These instantly add another light source and are a must – most pack down into tiny bags and pop back up thus saving on space. A gold / silver reflector is a must and you can choose the size you need depending on how big the space is that you are using. Alternatively go for a 5 in 1 which gives your more versatility and can be used as a background as well as a light source. Heres what the colours do:
* Gold reflector / warm light
* Silver reflector / bounce – fill
* White reflector / smoother tones also as a background
* Black / light kill also as a background


  • 3) Softbox / Umbrella

EZY Up Photographic Softbox

To create a soft diffused light on your subject then this is a must for all studio’s, they create a great fill light and again there are different sizes depending on your needs. The closer your softbox is to the subject, the softer the light will be so be mindful of what you want to achieve in the space you have available.






  • 4) Good Tripod


You may think any old tripod will do but you need to think about how you will use it – will it stay in your studio…. if not you may not want to get one that’s too heavy for carrying it to locations; next think about stability and what kind of weight it needs to support; finally think about the height you will need it for in relation to your studio set up. Lastly don’t forget to buy a quick release plate, as you’ll use this more than you think.


  • 5) Flash


Speedlight flash units or studio strobes, seems obvious right but so many people get this wrong. Buy the best you can within your budget for studio flash and buy a kit that fits your space. Get yourself a wireless trigger too



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