DSLR Video Gear Great Reductions

stabiliservestWe have updated our DSLR video gear with reductions on rigs and accessories.

If you want a follow focus then our prices are some of the best, we have a follow focus that will fit directly to your camera without the need for a rig. We also have some great deals on lens belts for follow focus and we have a whip no not what your thinking. Speedcrank, zoon lens belts and LCD viewers so that you can see the image on the screen on the back of your camera a great idea to see the detail in bright light.

Bulk Saving

Camera rig accessories are also a great buy with bulk savings on some items. If you in need of a full load stabiliser vest and stabiliser the quality of our rig is second to none and you can watch the video to see all there components.

So take a look at http://www.smick.co.uk/sonline/video-and-dslr/dslr-rigs.html and also http://www.smick.co.uk/sonline/video-and-dslr/camera-grip.html

You will find the value for money is great so get a bargain now as new stock will be higher.

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