Chroma Key Green or Blue Backdrop

Chroma key’s history is in the movies and it all started with chroma key blue backdrop but in the last few years chroma key green backdrops have become the fashionable colour. It really does not matter what one you use but the important thing is the colour you are using that colour should not be in your subject, so for instance if you are photographing flowers with green foliage then chroma key green would not be a wise choice. Essentially your subject is shot against a chroma key backdrop and that colour can be replaced with another image, this applies equally to still digital photography and also for video and it is used extensively in TV and Films.

The most important thing in chroma key is that it is lit well and evenly lit go to our website for studio flash lighting or continuous lighting and video lighting. We have a video tutorial showing the use and technique of chroma key.


The software you need for still digital photography is something like Adobe Photoshop or a more economical version Photoshop Elements, with video there many different software packages such as imovie but I have found a video on Youtube explaining how it works with their software

You can find our cotton muslin chroma key backdrops and studio lighting including studio flash lighting and video lighting as well as the backdrop you will also need a background support.

Care of your cotton muslin backdrop first of all because it is cotton it creases and the first task is to get the worst of the creases out, there are several ways of doing this first off ironing is not advised as this can give a shine to the material that you don’t want. A hand steamer can be picked relatively cheaply and this is by far the best way to tackle the creases, once the backdrop is hanging from the background support gravity is helping, the other method is to use a spray bottle and mist it with water to ease the creases out. Being cotton it can be machine washed but should be given a fairly cool wash so that any dye will not run and tumble dry to help keep the creases out and as soon as you remove from the tumble dryer get onto the background support to minimise the creases. It really is a better idea to minimise the backdrop getting dirty in the first place as washing and getting the creases becomes a bit of a task.