Background Support with Telescopic Pole

Background Support

background supportIf you have a backdrop to hang then you are going to need a background support. We have 2 different background supports one is more heavy duty than the other, they are both made from aluninium have telescopic poles that close down to the smallest at about 1.2 metres and will expand up to 3 metres, the poles extend and twist to lock. The standard support will go upto to 2.6 metres high and the heavy duty background support will go up to 3 metres in height.

Backdrops are Vinyl which are good and last a long time these normally come with an internal aluminium core this just slips over the telescopic pole but are expensive. Then there is paper which can come in a variety of colours this is good and a new pristine piece of paper can be pulled down for each shoot which can make it expensive. The third option which we sell is cotton muslin, this has the natural ability not to be shiny but as it is cotton will crease, this is the most cost effective backdrop.

To help with the creases in cotton muslin hang the backdrop which comes with a 3 inch rod pocket and use a spray bottle with tap water in it and mist the backdrop the moisture will help the creases by relaxing the material, steaming is also a good option to remove creases, the muslin can also be laundered on a cool wash. Try not to light the backdrop at an oblique angle as this will show the creases.

Beauty Dish with Bowens fit and Elinchrom fit

beauty dish

Beauty Dish

A Beauty Dish is a great light modifier to have at your disposal we do two types that fit to Studio Flash lighting heads either Bowens fit or Elinchrom fit. They can be used as a single light for classic beauty shots, they are more versatile than that.

The Beauty Dish comes with an inner reflector that will go in two positions to give a different angle of light, a shower cap diffuser that will diffuse the light coming from thebeauty dish and a grid that slots in using sprung clips to keep it securely in place. This is known as a 42cm beauty dish although the measurement is actually 41cm.

We have a video using it in a tutorial lighting and capturing something dropped into water  it can be seen here

We have now got an overview video of the beauty dish to show you exactly what the product is and what it comes with.


3 Point lighting video for digital and Video Lighting

Supersoftbox 4 video lighting kit

3 Point digital & Video Lighting

3 point lighting is a fundamental setup for video lighting and also for digital which gives a solid basis for any lighting setup. This digital and video lighting setup allows you to use a main light or key light with a fill light and the third light is used as a hair light so that will light the rim of the hair and shoulder line. The hair light is more important with darker backgrounds although with a white background can still help separate the subject.

To make this more easily understood and to visually see how to implement this type of video lighting we have a video to show exactly how to do it and this has now made 350,000 views on youtube. With this many views it has made this one of our most popular videos which we have many with overviews and tutorials. So be sure to visit the video section which is on the right hand side of this page. It can also be a good idea to subscribe to the youtube channel and you will be informed of new videos as soon as they are published.

Any of our three head systems a three point lighting setup can be applied we have 4 different systems in this category 3 head kits, there is a kit for any budget. The kits which are recommended are the supersoftbox kit which is featured in the video, the Supersoftbox 4 and the Supersoftbox 5 which are more powerful give you versatility and help you with exposure and ISO settings making them more versatile to use.

Video Lighting Kits

supersoftbox 4 - 3 head video lightingVideo Lighting with Supersoftbox 4

We now have a Supersoftbox 4 Video Lighting kit, this has softboxes 50 x 70cm with removable outer diffuser. It uses balanced four daylight bulbs 105w 5400k which have a CRI of 90, these are compact fluorescent bulbs. This works well for interview or youtube type videos.

We have a standard Supersoftbox Video Lighting Kit which uses four 50w daylight balanced bulbs, the specification is the same, the Supersoftbox 4 Video Lighting kit uses bulbs with a higher light output 105w balanced daylight bulbs. The good news is if you already have the Supersoftbox you can upgrade it by adding the 105w Balanced Daylight Bulbs.

This kit is also great as a Continuous Lighting kit for still digital photography for 1/2 body shots and head shots which give an exposure of 1/80th sec iso 200 f 6.1 so gives a very versatile exposure range for continuous lights.

There are a range of Video Lighting kits, a single head kit a 2 head kit and a 3 head kit. The 3 head kit comes with 2 – 50 x 70cm softboxes and the 3rd light uses a boom arm with a 45 x 45cm softbox that has 3 x 50w bulbs. There is a choice of boom and there is also a choice of softboxes as there is an alternative choice of 80cm Octagonal softboxes that come complete with an outer diffuser. If you want pure white backgrounds on your video then a 2 head kit is used to light the background. Then either another 2 heads can be used to light the subject and a 3rd hair light can also be used.

You can choose the Supersoftbox 5 video lighting kit which takes 5 x 105w bulbs and has 60 x 90cm softboxes and this is suitable for full length video you can also choose an Octagonal softbox.

3 head Flash Adapter

3 head flash adapter3 Head Flash Adapter

For Flash Lighting  3 head Flash adapter or Tri head flash adapter has 3 cold shoes to allow you to mount 3 speedlites, each cold shoe is adjustable to make the off camera flash secure. There is a threaded bush on the bottom with a 1/4 thread so it will fit to a ballhead, flash bracket or a lightstand. With an umbrella hole in the centre is comes with a locking screw, this can be used for umbrellas or umbrella softboxes like our Speedlight Softbox.

Very small the 3 head flash lighting adapter is an ideal accessory to slip into your bag for when needed, the cold shoes will screw off. This will then reveal a 1/4 thread which would allow you to attach a wireless trigger.

Take a look at the video to show you how it works and what it does.

Photography Barn Doors to control light

Photography barn doorsPhotography Barn Doors

Flash Lighting Photography Barn Doors which will fit any studio flash lighting reflector if it has a rolled edge. They will fit studio flash lighting reflectors from 15cm – 22cm so that is most of them, they have adjusters that screw in and out. The other end is a spring clip that will keep the photography barn doors in place.

They are located in our Light Modifiers and Reflectors category which has a whole lot of different items. This barn doors comes with 4 gels and also a grid. With the use of the gels the light can be altered to a different colour which can be directed on your background or on your subject. The light can be directed by the use of the grid when you put this on it will direct the light and focus it to one area as without it the spill of light will cover a wider area. This will also stop flare if the camera can see the light, it can be used in conjunction with the gels.

To show it more clearly we have made a video of the flash lighting Photographic barn doors which will explain exactly how it works.

Multiclip How to use it in Photography

Smick Multiclip

Studio Flash Accessories Photographic Multiclip

The Photographic Multiclip is a great piece of kit very simple but effective and can be used with any flash lighting reflector this accessory is something everyone should have in their bag we would love to know the uses. You can use the Multiclip as a French Flag to feather light away from the areas you want or block off areas you don’t want the light to fall. The Photographic Multiclip is in the Studio Accessories Various category and the sub category along with a lot more different bit and pieces.

A Photographic Multiclip is a piece of kit that is so simple but often overlooked or not known about, this is something every photographer who uses studio flash lighting should have in their kit. There can be other uses for this device that we would like to know about, so if you have different uses for it please let us know. In the video we explore the conventional us for the Photographic Multiclip, we have many different studio accessories and for off camera flash so go to our site to have a look around the eccommerce side

To show exactly how to use it we have made a small video.


Strobe Softbox 60 x 60cm

Strobe Softbox

Strobe Softbox MKIII

The Strobe Softbox 60 x 60cm is for all who use speedlites or off camera flash it is also available in 80 x 80cm. They come with an internal diffuser to smooth the light and the front diffuser just pushes on using hook and eye technology, this is tight and keeps the softbox shape. We have a Strobe Accessories Category that has lots of other items for use with Speedlights and off camera flash.

Speedlites are a great way to add light to your subject or use it in conjunction with ambient light, this will fit to a  lightstand or tripod and with the included adapter allows you to angle the box to any angle you want.

We now have a video to show how to fold it to get into the small bag.


We have a complete overview video


A Tutorial video

Popup Backdrops easy tip.

popup backdrop

Popup Backdrops simple solution

If you have a Chromakey Green popup backdrop which is cotton muslin or the Black and white popup backdrop which is made of cotton muslin and is black one side and white the other. We have a reflector holding arm which will grip the popup both sides fit to your lightstand and you can put this in any position but there is a simpler solution.

You can use a Gorilla Studio clamp and we have made a small video to show you how easy it is just to attach it to your light stand.

This can also be used to fix a white foam board or black foam board or in fact a reflector although a reflector holding arm would be better.


Stripbox Photographic Softbox 50 x 150cm

large stripbox softbox

Large Stripbox Softbox 50 x 150cm with grid

We have a Stripbox Photographic Softbox that measures 30cm x 150cm it comes in our EZY up series and opens up just like an umbrella. Not only is it fast to put up it is made of very high quality material and will take a lot of wear and tear. The heavy duty quality of the fabric used in the construction is the best it also comes with a security pin to secure the unbrella mechanism to make sure that it stays in place.

The stripbox comes with a removable grid that will attach and detach with the use of hook and eye technology. It also has in inner diffuser as well as an outer diffuser to give you even light. Stipboxes allows you to light your subject from head to foot simulating a large natural light window, you have the choice of Bowens fit speedring or an Elinchrom fit speedring.

With 2 of these you can light either side of your model to give that really modern look, even one as the key light can make your work more refreshing.

If you want to find out more in our range of softboxes we have a page with all of them listed Photographic Softbox