Photokina my impression

Photokina over for another 2 years, it was a really good show and it was good to meet some existing suppliers and make some new ones some exciting new product lines which are due for early next year. I also met Mark Cleghorn of Photography training 4 U and Mat from thatnikonguy walking around the exhibition which I find amazing considering the amount of people who attend the exhibition.

Of course Photokina  is where all the new products are launched and as a Canon shooter it was good to play with all the latest models including the 6D it feels like a cut down version of the 5D MKIII but I am keen to see results and reviews but my gut feeling I would go the 5D way. They have a gallery set up and you can play with all their monster lenses.


This is the second exhibition where in the main square at the exhibition centre they fly birds of prey, well different types of eagle in fact and there are some opportunities to photograph them here is my slow shutter speed effort.




On some stands they have models and on the Panasonic stand I found this model, they have a well lit scene so no need for flash and the model will interact with each photographer which means you can get some nice grab shots.








You will also see a lot of good photography with many galleries of pictures around the exhibition you will also find other photographic accessories but this 2 seater will be too much for most.



Cologne where Photokina is held is a really nice city to walk around they have a really good transport system and the bonus is with your ticket to the exhibition comes free local travel so it is well worth a visit but very busy when there is an exhibition on, so see you next time in 2014.

Lightroom 3

Normally I blog about our products and special offers but today I am blogging about Adobe Lightroom 3, I recently bought this program and its been a revelation, its a complete workflow solution for digital photographers. It can’t do as much as Photoshop in terms of image manipulation but if you are into processing RAW files then this will help streamline your workflow because not only will it process RAW files it does so much more.

Processing RAW files is in the develop module and uses Adobe Camera Raw there are some great things you can do with camera raw these days and although I still use Photoshop I use it a lot less. There are some great videos showing you how, heres one that Gavin Hoey made

Thats not all as there are more modules incorporated into the software, fundamentally it produces a catalogue where you can organise your files rate them add keywords and everything that a cataloging program should do and it does it rather well.

It also has a slideshow module that lets you very quickly produce a slideshow with sound track in a matter of minutes. It outputs to either a PDF or movie file up to HD quality, the next module is the print module which incorporates picture package where you can print combinations of images at any size its so very versatile you will wonder how you did without it. Just one more module to go the web module you can produce photo galleries with ease and it has an abundance of templates to use but also allows  custom templates.

You get a lot for your money but you could also get it for free, over at Tipsquirrel they have a competition running where you can win a copy, all you have to do is download the free 30 day trial and submit an image and who knows you may be lucky.

Photoshop CS5 Puppet Warp

I have just been looking at the new features in the new edition of Photoshop CS5 which will be available in a few weeks in the UK and I am astounded by the new features that expand the use of photoshop to a new level.

Puppet warp feature is one of them, it has blown me away at how the image can be manipulated and altered with ease that was not possible to do this easily before. I was not thinking of upgrading but this is such a big step forward that I think it will be essential. Take a look at this video from youtube it shows just what can be done with puppet warp.

Studio Flash Lighting Setup

studiosetup18Here is another excellent studio flash lighting setup from studioxil, the clear concise details they give of the setup shows you where to put your flash heads, this setup has 3 flash heads one with a snoot, one with a large softbox and one with just a reflector. Studio setup

Use this link to see our 3 head studio flash kits

All our studio flash lighting

Pictures to Exe 6

picturestoexePictures to Exe is a great program to make your pictures into an executable file but it doesn’t end there it has some quite sophisticated functions. This by far the best program for this type of work, the latest version has 3d effects and can produce executables for Macs. pictures to exe

Totally Raw


More and more people these days are using RAW files from their camera as its much more versatile than JPEG’s, you can then work with them in adobe camera raw before transferring it to Photoshop.  A new DVD is out which goes through all the major functions.

Produced by Gavin Hoey this is what he says about it “If you’re new to Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) or current user looking to gain a more in depth understanding of ACR, then you’ll love this DVD. I take you through each and every tab and all the major tools, showing exactly what they do and explaining why I use them or avoid them.”

Totally Raw DVD

New videos

Untitled-1Gavin Hoey has agreed to do some videos for us you might want to check him out at gavtrain he does his own videos on various aspects of photography and gives lots of tips. Best known for writing in Digital Photo magazine on all things involving photoshop he digs deep in photoshop coming up with some great innovative tips and tricks. He does training workshops and one to one training.