Bargains to be had in our Special Offer Category

We sell a whole range of equipment including DSLR video kit, if you haven’t tried video yet because you think of problems with editing? Well Photoshop does it very simply just go into the windows tab and select animation, this will load a timeline and you just import your video into Photoshop, check out You Tube for video tutorials. 7 steps to Editing video on Photoshop CC is very informative and at least some of it works down to CS5.

Our You Tube channel goes from strength to strength smickphoto with 20,000 subscribers and there is a mixture of tutorials and product overviews please go and have a look around.

We have a whole lot of bargains in our Special Offer category before our holiday shutdown on 17th September.

140cm Octagonal Photographic softboxA special note about the softboxes that are on special the 60 x 90cm with detachable grid, this softbox comes in both Bowens S-type fit and standard Elinchrom fit. We also have the 140cm octagonal softbox this is an outstanding softbox and also has a detachable grid. If you haven’t worked with a large softbox like this the rap around light it gives you is soft and a delight to use this also comes with the choice of 2 speedrings.

stripbox photographic softboxNot forgetting our strip light softbox 150cm x 30cm goes up like an umbrella and has a grid.


Follow Focus unit


We have lots of other items available but the Special on the Follow Focus is great as it has a bracket on the bottom and will fit directly to your cameras tripod mount without the need for any type of rig.

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