Background Support with Telescopic Pole

Background Support

background supportIf you have a backdrop to hang then you are going to need a background support. We have 2 different background supports one is more heavy duty than the other, they are both made from aluninium have telescopic poles that close down to the smallest at about 1.2 metres and will expand up to 3 metres, the poles extend and twist to lock. The standard support will go upto to 2.6 metres high and the heavy duty background support will go up to 3 metres in height.

Backdrops are Vinyl which are good and last a long time these normally come with an internal aluminium core this just slips over the telescopic pole but are expensive. Then there is paper which can come in a variety of colours this is good and a new pristine piece of paper can be pulled down for each shoot which can make it expensive. The third option which we sell is cotton muslin, this has the natural ability not to be shiny but as it is cotton will crease, this is the most cost effective backdrop.

To help with the creases in cotton muslin hang the backdrop which comes with a 3 inch rod pocket and use a spray bottle with tap water in it and mist the backdrop the moisture will help the creases by relaxing the material, steaming is also a good option to remove creases, the muslin can also be laundered on a cool wash. Try not to light the backdrop at an oblique angle as this will show the creases.