Background support Kits

background supportIn studio photography apart from your studio lighting you need some sort of background and something to support that background or backdrop and that is a background support. We have 4 different models that all do the same thing but have slightly different features.

The first model is Background Support has 2 stands and the cross bar comprises of three poles that lock together, you can choose to have just 2 poles which gives a smaller width. The next is Background Support with Telescopic pole this allows you to have a variable width which can be very useful if you have limited space, pull out to the required length and twist to lock. The third model is Heavy Duty Background Support this has four interlocking poles and is a very robust and sturdy system that will allow you to support any backdrop including a vinyl backdrop. The fourth model is Professional Background Support has four interlocking poles like the previous model but is bigger and studier and has three cross poles which allows you to have thress backdrops and is especially useful if you are using paper roll backdrops, so allowing you to change between the three quickly and easily.

Another thing we have is just the background support pole with three interlocking poles, useful if you already have lightstands to support it, we include 2 adaptors that screw to the top of a standard lightstand that has a 3/4 thread on it.

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