Studio Flash Kit 160wStudio Lighting Equipment

We have been selling online since 2005 supplying mainly studio kit, studio lighting equipment, studio flash equipment and also studio accessories.

Digital Photography

With the advent of digital photography more and more people are getting interested in studio photography. So we have over the years expanded our range which includes background supports, 100% cotton muslin backdrops, popup backgrounds and reflectors. Backdrops are available in chroma key colours, black, white and probably the most versatile grey.

Our studio kit is now quite comprehensive with studio flash ranging from 45Ws to 600Ws everything for the enthusiast up to the professional.

Continuous Lighting – Video Lighting

We also have a good range of continuous lighting ideal for digital and video using the latest balanced daylight compact fluorescent bulbs form 50w up to our massive 105w bulbs. Colour temperature is measured in kelvin, the colour temperature is important and we use 5400k to 5500k which is the clour temperature used in electronic flash to give the best daylight type light.