360 Product Photography Kit

360 Product Photography360 spins, 3D product photography, 360 product images, whatever you call it we have a complete kit.

If you want to start doing 360 spins for your website then this kit is for you. It comes with turntable and software to make the spins, a computer where you can store them and upload to your site, a camera with a tripod and even the table to put it all on. Its proven to increase your products sell through and shows the customer a complete 360 view allowing them to magnify it to show all the detail. No ongoing costs if you store your spins on your site and is free to use on any number of websites.

The software is Pre loaded all you need to do is plug everything in fire up the software and start producing your own 3D product images that you upload by FTP, you can also take from the spin single shots of your product.

  • Computer Controlled
  • Real time preview
  • Automatic image capture
  • Crop and Edit
  • Outputs spins to separate folder


Not forgetting it also comes with 3 hours tuition in our Bexley Studio, to give you all the tools so you know what to do day one. Just go to our store and search for 360 spin and you will find it.

We also offer 360 Product Photography over at www.3dphotoscan.co.uk

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