Welcome to Smick, top independent supplier of quality Photography lighting equipment which included studio lighting,  video lighting and studio lighting accessories. We aim to offer products that are real value for money and where the quality is not compromised. Please take a look round at the blog site, we have made quite a few videos of our products just click videos on the right. We also have the eCommerce site where all our Photography Lighting stock is and we try and add links in our blog posts to the item.

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Studio Lighting Equipment


We have a big range of photography lighting kits including  studio lighting, video lighting, Product Photography and continuous lighting, suitable for digital or video. In stock a range of studio kit , muslin backdrops, chroma key, studio flash modifiers and 5 in one reflectors. We now have a range of DSLR Video grip items such as whips, crab clamps, magic arms, dolly skaters and DSLR Video Rigs. In fact we have a large range of items and all are in stock in our warehouse unless they show out of stock on the page, shipping is a maximum of 2 working days after ordering but we can quite often be a lot faster than this.

We are PCI DSS compliant all credit/debit card details are not held by us but by the card processor so you can be sure of complete security and our site is secure with an https.

Continuous lighting kits, we also stock balanced daylight bulbs in 50w, 105w and 125w. Also stands and supports including boom stands, background supports, light stands. Various sizes of softboxes with Bowens fit and Elinchrom fit, wireless triggers, and umbrellas.

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Some of our Photography Lighting


Continuous Lighting

Continuous Lighting



Product Photography


Video Lighting